The Club

There aren't many business students with cannabis backgrounds, so we welcome your questions! This club is a safe place where you can ask questions and learn from current players space.

We want to debunk the main myth clouding peoples' perceptions of cannabis-related companies: Work is definitely not Cheech and Chong Inc. It’s a serious industry lacking top professionals in many roles.

We are not a consumption club. Even though we’re very happy about Massachusett’s first recreational licenses, we do not encourage cannabis consumption as the centerpiece our social events.


Manuel Ayllon, MBA 2021
Club Co-President

Manuel's background is in consulting, corporate development, and private equity. He wants to lead the development of the cannabis industry in Europe, especially in his home country, Spain.

Grace Dhanraj, MBA 2021
Club Co-President

Grace’s background is in institutional portfolio management and venture capital investing / operations within the consumer and healthcare spaces. She is extremely interested in creating creative products and initiatives that will remove the negative stigma surrounding Cannabis businesses.
Sasha Slayton, JD / MBA 2022
Club CFO

Sasha served as an officer in the US Army before coming to graduate school. She’s currently pursuing her JD/MBA at Harvard and hopes to make a career out of environmental and securities litigation. She adores nature.
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